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show current time in title

Near-Time Current Information and Collaboration Suite
Size: 9.03MB
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Current Time Designator With this application you can know all, about current time!
Size: 622 KB
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viewer view display display session info display file info  
Current Time Designator Portable Find current time, day, month, year, and week day.
Size: -
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IntRVal Current Time Contol Will allow you to see the current system time and change it as much as you like. it has a original alarm because you will set the time to alarm and you will set what to do when time arrives. and the m
Size: 94K
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Set Alarm alarm time set time current time Change Time  
Show Time App A digital clock for your desktop in 3 different colors.
Size: 118 KB
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Yahoo Widget clock tracker desktop clock watch display time  
Nero Show Time A advanced DVD player and multimedia player included in nero 7 premium reloaded.
Size: 173MB
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show current time in tags

Status Shows in the command line the current date and time and CPU status
Size: 12 KB
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Signal Generator generate signal signal status CPU Module  
Time Check Yet another desktop clock.
Size: 1 KB
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clock display show desktop clock show current time  
Electorloge Yahoo Widget that will show on your desktop a simple transparent digital clock that show the current computer time
Size: 13 KB
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Yahoo Widget clock digital show time show digital clock  
Clockz Clockz is a unique software that display users the current time in four different time zones
Size: 1.08MB
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clock desktop time show time desktop clock desktop time  
Date Today But when you click on the icon, it show you the current time, month, day number and day of the week. The feature in this chrome extension: - Show the date today and the current time - 12H or 24H clock
Size: 65.09K
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show current time show day show current process Current Day  
Date-Time Stamper Show the current date and time to screen.
Size: 19.2K
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command prompt Stamp time Show Date Stamper Date and Time  

show current time in description

Square Clock-7 Square Clock-7 is a great screensaver that will show the current time on your computer screen. You can change colors of: background, borders, dial, ink. Also you can select any font installed on your ...
Size: 334 KB
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clock screensaver screensaver clock time time screensaver  
AutoDateTime AutoDateTime extends PowerPoint to allow you to insert the current date and time and it keeps the in...Configure AutoDateTime to show the time elapsed from the start of the show. Supports scripting to al...
Size: 641 KB
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time date Insert Time PowerPoint add-in current  
Station Clock-7 "Station Clock-7" is freeware screen saver that displays the current time on digital panel. Settings: show dial, show flash delimiter, show red color.
Size: 336.43K
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clock screensaver screensaver clock time time screensaver  
Desk Band Clock-7 Use any font for show the current time or date. 2. Customize font size. 3. Use any font color. 4. Show current date and customize date format. 5. Use with standard system clock as add on. 6. Fill back...
Size: 457.82K
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clock free time date desktop clock display time Tray Clock  
Roman Clock-VII Also you can select any font installed on your computer for show numbers, choose methods of show: seconds (off, normal, full back), shadow (on, off) and logo (off, current date, any text).
Size: 365 KB
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clock screensaver screensaver clock time desktop clock  
TodayCalendar TodayCalendar is a Today Screen plug-in that will show you the current month on the Today Screen. It can be configured to show 2 months at a time. Easy controls will allow you to scroll back and forth...
Size: 326.59K
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