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Date to Date Calculator A freeware tool that calculates the time duration between two given dates.
Size: 212 KB
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time date Difference Date Difference date calculation  
Persian Date Tool (formerly Persian Date And Time) A useful application that was especially created to help you convert dates between the Persian date for...
Size: 831 KB
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How Does Your Fashion Show, Show Learn How To Produce The Perfect Fashion Prod
Size: 1000 KB
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show record show show lyric Firework Show show share  
J-Date A Julian Date calculator that displays the corresponding Julian Date for the selected Gregorian Date. A common calendar interface makes J-Date easy and productive to use.
Size: 1,544K
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date convert date date format date converter file date  
Date A simple program that shows the number of days remaining until a certain event
Size: 1.1 MB
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time date Time Countdown Countdowner remaining  
AS-File Date Change the date and time on files.
Size: 197.8K
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date file date change date Change Time change Date/Time  

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MA Clock A simple desktop clock that will show the time and date.
Size: 10 KB
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clock time show time date desktop clock Show Date  
Titlebar Date Once the program is started, the day of the week and the date, will be displayed in the active window's title bar
Size: 173.79K
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time date titlebar animate title bar title bar animamtion  
Sarbyx TrayClock An advanced replacement for standard Windows tray clock
Size: 444.3 KB
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clock AVI tray Show Date skinnable skinnable clock  
CWM Clock A little different from most other clocks found on the Internet
Size: 204 KB
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clock time found date Show Date display time  
PC Clock Screensaver A digital clock on your desktop.
Size: 1 byte
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clock screensaver screensaver display show Show Date  
DateRemember The simplest of simple reminder programs. Load and it will show you today's messages. Choose another date and it will show you the messages for that date. Add a message to add a message. Delete a mess
Size: 187K
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Delete Message Add Template Message Show Date load message  

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AutoDateTime Configure AutoDateTime to Show the time elapsed from the start of the show. Supports scripting to allow you to display result of any expression. This is very useful when you want to display a countdow...
Size: 641 KB
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time date Insert Time PowerPoint add-in current  
LastModified LastModified is a plugin that will Show the date and time when your currently opened page was last modified. It'll show the current date in case of dynamically created pages. [b]Requirements:[/b] ...
Size: 2 KB
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modify maxthon add-on maxthon plugin date modification  
Date Remember Load and it will Show you today's messages. Choose another date and it will show you the messages for that date. Add a message to add a message. Delete a message is it vanishes! The best things in lif...
Size: 160 KB
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event reminder reminder remind Remember date reminder  
DebtFree Software Calculate and display your step-by-step accelerated debt-elimination plan, establish your debt-freedom date and monitor your progress, Show you how unplanned costs or windfalls may affect your debt pa...
Size: 1.5 K
Download now date show publication date-a --author show author-c --comments show comments-g --no-heading do not show headings-m --time-format date/time format-f --format output format (overrides other format optio...
Size: 22 KB
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Reader feed feed reader Python Python component  
Desk Band Clock-7 Use any font for Show the current time or date. 2. Customize font size. 3. Use any font color. 4. Show current date and customize date format. 5. Use with standard system clock as add on. 6. Fill back...
Size: 457.82K
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clock free time date desktop clock display time Tray Clock